Xavier Prabhu

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Bara Bazar, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700001, India



About Xavier Prabhu

Founder and CEO, PRHUB

A leading thinker/consultant on branding & communication globally, Xavier combines his deep subject

knowledge with his role as an entrepreneur over the past 15 years in creating PRHUB – one of India's

leading, full service, independent, full services communication firms. He has worn multiple hats of

writer, editor, teacher, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur in a successful career span spread over 23

years. He is returning to entrepreneurship this year with a venture under incubation now. A sought after

speaker, Xavier does a speaking engagement every month on average speaking on topics as varied as

branding, PR, social media, leadership, entrepreneurship, and motivation. He is one of the few Indian

communication professionals to have spoken in 8 countries beyond India – US, Belgium, Germany,

Slovenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico & Turkey. Xavier headed editorial for close to three years from

inception for the businessman – a business handbook in Bangalore besides freelance writing for one of

India's largest IT periodicals and was a National brand advisor to AIESEC India during which time he helped

formulate a new positioning line for them. Xavier has had the privilege of being on the boards of

multiple institutions – COMMITS, ISB & M, SIMC, and ICONS among others. He led a full credit course

on emerging economies for JGI – IdeA, a unique 2-year MBA program at Jain University besides being a

visiting faculty at many leading educational institutions in India. He was chosen by the Leadership

Institute, US as an outstanding achiever from India. Xavier has had the opportunity to advise numerous

entrepreneurs in this period on their branding and communication strategy to roll-out and is currently

writing a book on the same for start-ups and new ventures.

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Dear Mom and Dad

They call me a shining entrepreneur at camp. I guess its because you have never let me wonder if something is possible but always encouraged me to find out for myself

Thank you for always letting me the thing that no idea is too crazy I love you

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