Amitabh Srivastava

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Bara Bazar, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700001, India



About Amitabh Srivastava

Amitabh Srivastava has worked with some of the topmost media brands like Times TV / MTV / BBC / TV Today / Walt Disney over the past 18 years in senior management cadre. He has been with the TV and cable and satellite industry and has handled ground Distribution systems for several broadcasters in India and Asia. He headed BBC and Walt Disney in distribution and marketing in South Asia.

He is known for his one-to-one excellent personal equation with mid-sized and large corporations branded companies both in India and overseas and many seek his technical expertise on the strategic matter on a global level.

Amitabh is in tune with the emerging media scenario and has an incisive grasp of new technology like IPTV, Mobile Telephony, Broadband, Internet, Airline’s syndication, Hotel’s content syndication & New Media;. He is quite capable of sourcing additional revenue from non-conventional distribution means. Besides usual technical work, Amitabh has headed brands such as Aajtak and Disney to plant a footprint in the crowded market place.

As a matter of fact, Aajtak is still enjoying that brand leadership in India and abroad. Besides Distribution which is his forte, Amitabh is also good in Brand marketing to sustain in this cluttered market for the companies he had worked with so far. Besides South Asia, his exposure in Japan, Europe, and the U.K. will be handy for growth for any platform.

While working for several companies he got exposure at all the important trade shows and exposed to the international circuit to brush up his networking. Also, the companies he had worked with so far had hired him right at the start of their channels hence it gave Amitabh the cutting edge to handle the start-up situation very well. He is covering the entire Asian market for the past decade to his advantage with his excellent contacts and equation.

Currently, he is working in the New Media domain and trying to get the content owner’s new revenue streams. Keeping them ahead with technology and opening new vistas for revenue on already showcased content. Besides the above attainments, his mandate also covers exertions in promoting the growth of a number of foreign alliances to grow the company organically.

His relationship in the media and entertainment industry ranges from regional players to top CEO’s of big media houses. He has lived in Mumbai which is the hub of entertainment and financial activities in India and has a home in New Delhi, the capital of India, where he has an extremely good relationship with the Media -Government cadre as well. Amitabh is one of the few persons in India who has an extremely good reputation of being a person of solid business acumen with strong branding and marketing techniques.

He is a leader of several projects which have high revenue potential with quick returns. Besides, his success in broadcasting, he has also witnessed the growth of upcoming technologies in India. He had been associated with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for 5 yrs until 2012 and has done great work on media and new media establishing their base in South Asia. He also got RNW and All India Radio co-production partnerships which went for 2 yrs. Currently, he is working with I Media International which is a Media Solution Company to help foreign media to set up their base in India and South Asia.

He is currently associated with AIB (Association of International Broadcasting) as regional head of South AsiaHe will assist AIB’s existing members who are seeking to develop their businesses in the South Asian region and the media fraternity in South Asia to pave their foot abroad to get the international platform, basis his experience in working for a range of major international brands AIB is an association which includes major broadcasters such as Al Jazeera Network, Bloomberg TV, Channel News Asia, Eurosport, Eutelsat, France 24, Globecast, NHK World, Russia Today, Voice of Russia, DW and others to provide them with services related to intelligence, networking, promotion and more.

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Dear Mom and Dad

They call me a shining entrepreneur at camp. I guess its because you have never let me wonder if something is possible but always encouraged me to find out for myself

Thank you for always letting me the thing that no idea is too crazy I love you

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