For Parents

How entrepreneurship education can empower your child
  • The goal of YP is to empower your child with the skills and mindset necessary to ignite their passion and take their interests forward. In other words, if your child aspires to be a scientist, they will learn how to be an entrepreneurial scientist; if your child is a gifted artist, they will come out becoming an entrepreneurial artist; if your child is keen on helping people, well then, we will make sure we build the foundations of a successful social entrepreneur!

  • So, instead of letting your kids stay limited to classroom passive learning, you can sign them up to think about real-word problems and how to solve them – in a way that will ensure that they have a thriving future in a complex world that they can help make better through their innovative thinking.

  • By meeting accomplished entrepreneurs, taking interactive lessons, testing skills in business simulation programs, learning how to prepare and execute basic business plans, and how to carry out successful communication and leadership strategies, your son or daughter will have fun and get an opportunity to earn valuable prizes – while getting prepared for whatever the future brings.

  • If you want to ensure that your children will have real opportunities of being happy, balanced and finding success in life, help them build those opportunities instead of just passively waiting for them.

Let them start dreaming and doing today!