Get Ready To Fly

Choose 3 questions:
Make a video on each question for 2 mins, upload on youtube and send the link.
Max 250 words writeup and email.

Youngpreneur Brand Ambassador – Do you think you have what it takes? Why?

If you had 24 hours to do anything, what would you spend the time doing?

Describe what you regard as the coolest product or service around today. Explain why.

Describe what you imagine will be the coolest product or service in 10 years. Explain why.

3. Develop a business model that will make garbage collection easy and make Indian cities clean?

5. How schools in India could be better used to spread education at various echelons of the nation?

7. How to promote sports in India so we could make the nation more healthy and physically fit?

4. Design homes in India which will make homes cheaper(by 30%), and enable natural air-conditioning (without use of electricity form the grid?)

4. How could farmers of India’s income could be increased by factor of 5 by improving better use of land, water and sun?

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